vrijdag 27 augustus 2010

sunset dragstrip ,mercer ohio

this is a vintage photo of the first sprint that took place at sunset strip,,
i visited this strip during my 6 week stay in ohio and boy let me tell you it's wild!!
there are no rules,, you just fill in a form when entering at the gates ,declaring that you are responsible yourself for any damage or whatsoever,,
the rules are no rules,, that means no rollcage permitted,, no helmet ,no trannybelt ,they even drove snowmobiles over the track when i was there!!
i got some filmfootage but no pictures,,
i was standing there filming from a foot away of where cars took off!!
as of today the track is still operational in all it's old glory ,visiting it is trip back in to time cause over the years hardly anything has changed,,
the track is a 1/8 mile ,going downhill with very bad asphalt,,
no official records can be set ,but great for tunin youre ride on a sunday afternoon before the big race,, you just go round and round all day!!
the track is the birthplace of bracketracing too,,
allowing slower cars to compete with the big guys,,

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