dinsdag 7 december 2010

back in action

been a while since i've updated anything,,
been busy with school,,, yeah that's right ,still going to school,,
and i've been paintin alot with flakes and candy's lately so stripin kinda got shuffed a side,,
still wingin the brush though ,here's a couple of my recent jobs,,

had to paint a baby on board sign for a customer which named his son ''boyd,,
i think ya'll can figure out where he's named after,,
well i've fabricated the plate myself and painted the whole thing,,
then came the second piece the owner gave me , a pedalcar,,
think i should start a pedalcar custom shop or something haha,,
this one was a little less work,, it was pre painted white (which is a bitch to stripe on cause every mistake becomes a nasty whipe) and i painted the name on the sides ,flames on the front and stripes on the back!!

and then i had a little off time so i started stripin my school books haha,,

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