vrijdag 11 maart 2011

badass car movies

a collection of some of my favorite vintage car and hotrod movies
which some are pretty hard to come by

1955 ''running wild'' featuring a couple of barris rides!!

1964 ''the lively set''

1977 ''greased lightning'' with richard pryor

1967 ''hotrods to hell''

1950 ''hotrod'' or also called ''rebel on the road''

1958 ''hotrod gang'' great movie with rockabilly hero gene vincent

1958 ''thunder road'' one of my favorites!!

1957 ''dragstrip girl''

1956 ''hotrod girl''

1 opmerking:

  1. My mom and I are both 60s buffs. She has the “Hot Rods To Hell” in original DVD. I remember this movie so well. It’s about spoiled teenagers, who like drag racing in their Chevy Corvettes, and started terrorizing the humble family of Tom Phillips, after he scolded them for their mischievous behaviors. Not a complicated story, but good to watch. =)

    Leisa Dreps