woensdag 30 maart 2011

a little watson inspiration

been pretty busy in school these last weeks and still haven't been able to work on the impala roof.
had the car passed for it's apk inspections though with thanks to my old man.
he's perry's number one employee haha!!
don't no one tell him i said that haha.
so there isn't much time for paint ,but there is always time for comin up with idea's.
i found these pictures of an old watson/bill decar project on rick hovings archive site.
asked him about it ,but there very little info on it.
only that it never got finished and probably got scrapped.
that made me think about my truck.
how cool would it be to make a watson car that has never been finished??
lookin at the pictures ,there are a few body mods.
one ,is that the cab is secioned below the windshield ,not cutting the windshield ,like would happen when you chop the roof.
also the grill has been cut open ,and midified below.
the bed looks untouched ,except for the side ..
i have no clue what that is about ,kinda looks like a 50's vette side or something?
still this is the idea ,and it will take a while gettin started on the truck..
but for now ,something to fantasise about,,.,

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