donderdag 17 maart 2011

''not youre average dragcars''

being american probably won't raise that much of an eyebrow.
but comin from europe where there isn't much allowed it kinda does seeing some of our fermilliar classics being used as a gasser or dragcar.
here's a nice collection of odd draggers that are just a little bit different.
so is this one ,actually found more pics of simillair contraptions.
talkin about BALLS!!

how cute , a little austin healy frog eye
bet she ran like hell back in it's day!!

the backpack'' fiat 500 ,these things aren't much faster than a lawnmower in it's original set-up

ford cortina ,pretty sweet rides from england ,normally used in dirt rally's and stuff

correct me if wrong ,a nsu??

a little beamer

found a bunch of these , sixties opel kadett kiemen coupe's
there was a guy in ohio drivin one too when i was there last year ,ran like a m@!$#!@r

another kadett

a vw beetle

austin mini ,think this is a clubman? looks cool though

hahaha so cool!! think they called this a heinkel or messerschmidt

another opel

volvo amazone ,seen plenty of those around here

opel again ,pretty kool paint on it too!!

opel kadett wagon ,seen one in thompson ohio too

another kiemen coupe

escort mk2

karmann ghia

this is freakin hilarious ,a BOND!! you know those english tri wheelers
who comes up with this shit??

the little italian egg again

another opel ,and again ,very nice paint

i don't know ,a vespa maybe?

another great ride ,volvo ,we call em cat backs
that's all i know haha

these sure got some paint jobs on em



great lookin opel

no clue what this is ,english ford or something?

two morris's

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