donderdag 19 mei 2011

the neverending story

this is the story of my daily
been drivin this 77 kadett for 4 years now and has hardly ever left standin by the side of the road.
it just doesn't break down!!
had some trouble with over heating and the starter ,but that's it.
and o yeah ,a little rust repair and exhaust work ,but nothin serious.
bought on newyears eve lookin all original but in an awfull color!!
always hated lookin at it , it's everywhere!!
so i started painting some stuff on it ,tryin to make it look better ,or at least acceptabel haha
don't get me wrong ,i thin it's a good lookin car and it was pretty decent.
but i'm a painter , and like other painters you gotta have yourself a crazy stripers car.
so it wasn't long before i added some stripes ,flames and a doorsign which i can't find any pictures of.
i found a couple of the flame makin process though
it's old ,but still i think i did a good job back then.
here's the step by step and transformation of ''the pussy magnet'' until now..

first make a stencil out of cardboard , or paper , whatever you think works..

hard to see , but i marked the stencil outlineswith a marker i think back then..
you can probably use a pencil or a pounce pad to do this also
now you have youre flames layed out on the hood ,and synchronised left to right..

then start tapin over youre marks with fineline tape and tape off the outer area's you don't want to get sprayed..

then sand it down usin a 600 grid paper or less (by less i mean softer grid paper) ,depends on the surface..
use a scotch pad after that too to hit the tight spots as well
after that wipe it down with some degreaser and start preppin youre paint

i sprayed a green metallic VW paint over it and dropshadowed with a darker color..
that's what i used ,but the possibillities are endless
always make sure you know what product you are using/combining or repainting to get the best results

after that i outlined the flames witg yellow
cause the car is kind of a weakish soft yellow , this bright yellow will really popout

looks good not?
well i always liked it
but it didn't stop me from repainting the car flatblack
just couldn't stand the yellow any more and wanted a whole new paintscheme on it
still miss the flames ,but hey ,you never know where she will end up next..

sometimes i get these weird ideas
and sometimes i even bring em to life!!

outlined the wheels , and there still on it
need a wash though

the new paint as of now ,still not done ,but i don't think it;s ever done haha
the plan is to make different rat finks all over the car..
so far there's 3 on it

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