woensdag 27 juli 2011

wrecks on wednesday

this weekend i'll be going off to england to visit the hotrod hayride
so why not post something english for today?
we will probably not run into anything like this ,but it's amazing it was ever there in the first place..
a genuine american junkyard somewhere in england ,with some serious cars in there too
for instance check out this nomad someone had once dug out of there..
sorry to say it didn't get far ,it was just too far gone..
goes for the rest also ,most of em got crushed.
they ended up there abonded in the sixties and seventies by american that were in the service.
these cars weren't that popular and so there was hardly any demand for parts.
meaning most of em would just sit there and die.
i read that only 2 cars made it out of there ,both 57's chevy's
one coupe the other convertible ,although i'm not sure..
if they had only known back then...

they say this convertible was one that survived although judgin by the pics i hardly doubt it
an american brought it back to the states they say..

this is it somewhere in the eighties probably

miserable merc and nomad

after this it all went downhill with all the cars being crushed somewhere in the eighties

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