maandag 1 augustus 2011

hotrod hayride 2011

back from the hayride 2011
what a great show it was!!
lot's of krazy kool cars & bikes on one heck of a showground!!
the old shootingrange up in Surrey england makes it a perfect setting for that olds school vintage atmosphere..
to everyone who missed it ,be there next year!!
it's worth it!!
here's a few tasty pics made by our waster member pim
more to come ,enjoy!!

yours truelly..

till the 8th one ,we'll be there for sure!!

wall of death

neil melliard from pro sign uk did an excellent job on this one
love the guys work!!

waster robert-o and notorious p.i.m hangin out

the spot ,i hate camping!!

okay ,let's get something straightend out here
everyone knows mr hotrod from holland ,perry
it is not me!!
often mistaken ,no harm taken..

burnin up the bbq ,and sing some cumbaya!!

our photographer ,notorious p.i.m

cheers ,till next year!!

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