maandag 15 augustus 2011

the inspiration

did some photoshop work on my truck
well ,another guys truck i randomly found on interet ,cause mine looks like shit!!
as i mentioned a while ago ,the inspiration for the truck comes from an unfinished project by larry watson and bill decar
they never finished it ,and the whereabouts of it are unknown ,possibly crushed..
i don't want to recreate it ,cause there's some things i dislike (although maybe if it ever got finished with larry's paintjobs on it???)
like the corvette insertions in the side ,don't know about that..
also it looks like they wanted to put in a panoramic window in the back ,which could be kool ,but then again ,i like me corner windows..

started out with this ,a plain econoline 5 window truck

dropped it ,put some new shoes on it as well
and most important ,i sectioned the front cab ,got rid of the hinges ( so ugly!!)
and i cut open the front ,which i'm thinkin of lasercuttin a grille for..

changed the ugly color as wel ,just for kicks..

here's the watson/decar truck

here's my piece o shit

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