dinsdag 27 december 2011

a little barn find

well ,it didn't exactly came out of a barn ,but it sure sat for a long time..
my dad got the news they were emptying out an old ford garage nearby which is out of buisness and will soon be turned into something else..
always lookin around for old stuff and tools my dad went with his buddy to see what stuff is left after many years.
not expecting much of it they started collecting tools ,cabinets and overalls that had been left ,regular stuff...
till my dad found a used old shell pump...
he asked if there was more stuff like it ,and the guy there said there's probably some old stuff left up in the addic..
they looked and there it was ,a box filled with old 50's/60's shell cans ,for filling up oil, cooling fluid or whatever fluids they had.. all brandnew ,never been used.
i think there were 40+ of em in there ,half of em already spread out among friends..
also there was an old sun tester in used condition but better yet ,another box containg a brand new ,never been used oil pump ,the same as the one found earlier
it even had/has a little delivery tag still on it..
it may not be much ,but concidering there isn't much old stuff to be found or left in holland ,it was quite the catch..

notice the little tag on the hose connection

the one on the right my dad also found ,the one on the left he already had..

the cans ,anyone??

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