maandag 16 januari 2012

artist impressions ''ryzart''

once in a while i'm gonna shed some light on the artists and painters that inspire and motivate me to keep learning and improve my skills into becoming at least half as good as they are..
first up is to my friend richard janusz aka ''ryzart''
i like his work cause of it's diversity ,you never know what he will come up with next ,resulting in a big variety of styles and techniques applied in his work of which he's more than happy to share
keep up the good work
here's ryzarts

born on May 20th, 1977 in Elizabeth, NJ. still currently residing in NJ. have been drawing all my life, in fact, probably as soon as I was able to pick up a pencil, pretty much self-taught with 2 years of art training in Graphic design and illustration. aspired to be a comic book penciller/illustrator but thought that my drawing skills were not up to par, so proceeded to do pinstriping and airbrushing as a way to express my art. Also the fact that I started to have an interest in cars and motorcycles , at car shows I would notice the pinstriped and airbrushed designs on hoods and trunk lids of cars and on the tanks and fenders of motorcycles. It was one of these shows that I saw a striper with his Mack brush and his can of One-Shot paint. I was totally amazed with the artists’ abilities, limitless designs, and an ability to accent a vehicle so nicely. Every vehicle they striped, each one was a different design, a one-off. It is really a simple art form, yet so hard to master, yet so complicated and pleasing to the eye. Many of my early and current influences are: Ed Roth, Von Dutch, Pete “Hot Dog” Finlan, Makoto, Mr.J, Mr.G, Grimb, Craig Fraser and many more. Some of my current projects are: cars, trucks, motorcycles, wood cut-outs, aluminum panels and anything else that gets handed my way. I have done work for: Garwood Fire Dept., Nate Dog Creations, Too Dangerous Cycles, Mayhem Custom Cycles, Rumblers Car Club, Blings Cycles ,Dice magazine and many, many more. My artwork has been shown in magazines such as Ol Skool Rodz, Rolls and Pleats, Burnout, Airbrush Action, Dice, and the book “ Pinstripe Planet “. Some of my work has also been seen on the Fuse cable channel and the Kustom Kulture Gallery in NY, Gasoline Gallery, and Victory Studios in L.A. I have been airbrushing and pinstriping for a few years now, but I am totally addicted!!! I am constantly learning new techniques and improving my designs, I will stripe anything!

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