maandag 23 juli 2012

a day at dusseldorf

 last sunday i had to drop off a tank for my good friend harry from itw tattoo in Moers germany
we went over to Dusseldorf to check out some kool art and cars
we went over to classic car remise in dusseldorf which is actually a place where you can store youre car and people can view them
there's also cars for sale and lots of other kool things to see
if youre ever in the area be sure to check it out!!

                                                             the for sale section

                      how the place used to be when it was used as a big shop for fixing trains

                                                      the for sale section again

                                                                     nice display!!!

                                                                little museum section

                                                                 the storage boxes

                                     in the bike shop was this thing, don't know what to think

                   we also went to a chinese section of dusseldorf which had a shop called toykio
                         very kool stuff in there including some art of streetartists like obey


                                                       too bad i couldn't get a better shot

                                                   i also got to hold one of the ''birdies''
                                               i was a little uncomfortable to say the least haha

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