zondag 3 februari 2013

Wasters Kustom

 next up is my buddy's bart car, a 50' chevy in need of some bodywork
but before i'm gettin into that, here's a short view, which doesn't do any justice to all the work that has already been done to it by fellow wasters cc member Art

here's how it started out as

the owner, wasters cc member bart started makin killer frenched headlights

after that it was time to involve Art and get the rear done
the plan was to fit 54 merc ribbed taillights (like larry watsons grapevine) but because of it's sharp curves it didn't fit as nicely in the less sharp rear fenders of the chevy
extending the rear fenders would solve this problem and one thing lead to another, litterally!!
extension of the fenders, molding in the taillights, fitting a different rear bumper, relocating the gas filler, refitting the splashpan

after that a chop was definatly needed, so out came the cutters again

and it doesn't just end with a chop
also the b pillars were given a treatment and not to forget the inside trim pieces had to be shaped to fit

and after all that work, and believe me it's one hell of a job!!
it's time for me to smooth it all out and paint it
luckilly my job has been made easier due to the great craftsmanship that has been put into this one off kustom!!

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