vrijdag 19 juli 2013

Back in town!!

I'm back from a 4 week trip in Ohio alongside my paint buddy and teacher Jeremy Lockard aka Jbird

And boy what a trip it was.. first off it was awesome seeing my old friends i had met 3 years ago again, but also meeting lots of new ones!!
You can say by now i kinda have a second life at the other side of the pond!
Hangin out with Jbird you kinda experience how life is when you got a candle lid at both ends.
There's hardly ever a schedule, there's no plan, it's just livin life and gettin shit done!
And let me tell you, he get's shit done, cause he's non-stop workin, if he ain't out tattooing over at Blackheart tattoo in Youngstown Ohio, he'll be painting someones ride or whatever or sketchin up show posters etc etc...

I'm very thankfull i got to hang with him again, and i'm very excited about him finally comin over to Europe next year to do some work, whether it is tattooing, painting or whatever, be sure to keep an eye on either him or me on facebook or my blog, cause you don't wanna miss out on havin something kool done for yourself!!

In the next couple of weeks i'll be postin some pics about my trip
For now, i'm slowly gettin to paint mode.
Gotta keep them brushes wet!!

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