maandag 12 augustus 2013

Visiting the Moon's

Like i said before, if i'm not hangin with Jbird i'm hangin with my buddy Sam.
He's a carguy through and through and so is his family, The Moons..

3 years ago i did my first lettering on his old man's dodge truck, and nature did his work on it.
I already painted it on a rusty base, so it only got better and better, rusting through the paint.


Striped this one last time i was there.
She's been a racecar all it's life since 1966, still going strong!!

Daily driver, rough as hell, but it runs!

 when youre at the Moon family, you get put to work.
So did i..

Neighbour showin his 31 coupe

Old man jake can come up with the craziest stuff for me to paint, but he can make some damn fine race cars as well!!
A man his age workin this hard keepin all these rides runnin earns alot of respect.

Another nova gasser in the making

The endresult


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