vrijdag 13 december 2013

Ridin with the Roadhounds to Columbus Goodguys

Right after visiting the Vannationals in Old washington ohio we went straight to Columbus for the Goodguys show.
My buddy's club members from the Roadhounds where already there, checked in their hotels ready to get to the show...
And if you wanna get the best spot at the show you gotta get there early!!
so we did, comin straight from the nats, with no sleep, drinkin a few beers and immediatly headin over to the Goodguys entrance, where we sat, waited and tried to get a little shut eye.. all just so we could get on the grounds at 4 in the morning haha!!
Had a great time, met some great people, and to me that's what makes the Roadhounds a great club, it's all based on good friendships and the love of cars!

Shane's shoebox parked at what's called Roadhound Island!!

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