woensdag 14 januari 2015

New year, New ride, New attitude!!

Been slackin the blog this past 6 months due to alot of new developments.
Got a new job since September which kinda made me take things slow painting wise.
Which is a good thing cause i finally had the chance to make a decent start on the Econoline truck, which has been sitting and waiting for almost 4 years, which i will post at a different time.

I hope to soon pick up the brush and paintgun again, but for now i got my hands on a new little project i have been lookin for this last year and ended up finding it all the way in Portugal, which made it a little complicated (language barrier).
But with help (google translate haha) of some good friends i was able to buy and get her home in Holland.
For now i'm gonna make it driveable again,which will be a bit of work concidering this was stored for 25 years, but all is easy to find and fix.
Paint is gonna be kept to some lettering probably.

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