woensdag 13 mei 2015

So far so good...??

Well, not exactually sure about that but i haven't been a sleep either..
Not a whole lot going on paint wise cause of the Anglia, turned out it needed a WHOLE lot of work done to it..
Not that it's in that horrible shape but i can't make myself to half ass this thing and rush to get it done.
I guess in the long haul i have more fun putting in the extra efforts.

So here's whatsup..
The engine was stuck, filled with water so i got a bigger/newer one, a 1300 from a type 2 escort, which is nothing fancy, just a good engine to keep up with traffic.
Got a new gearbox as well since the old one was filled up with water too.
Also a new steering column (yep water) and
- new rubbers and seals
- lights all around
- wheels n tires
- heater (didn't have one from factory)
- dash cluster
- driveshaft (still gotta make fit)
- diff
- master and brake cylinders
- shocks (replaced the original scissor shocks with regulars)

and offcourse quite some welding which is almost done.
Still need to fabricate or fix the old fuel tank as you can see

Working on a couple paintjobs as well, shouldn't be long till i post some of that again.

donderdag 22 januari 2015


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woensdag 14 januari 2015

New year, New ride, New attitude!!

Been slackin the blog this past 6 months due to alot of new developments.
Got a new job since September which kinda made me take things slow painting wise.
Which is a good thing cause i finally had the chance to make a decent start on the Econoline truck, which has been sitting and waiting for almost 4 years, which i will post at a different time.

I hope to soon pick up the brush and paintgun again, but for now i got my hands on a new little project i have been lookin for this last year and ended up finding it all the way in Portugal, which made it a little complicated (language barrier).
But with help (google translate haha) of some good friends i was able to buy and get her home in Holland.
For now i'm gonna make it driveable again,which will be a bit of work concidering this was stored for 25 years, but all is easy to find and fix.
Paint is gonna be kept to some lettering probably.

donderdag 4 december 2014