donderdag 6 januari 2011

''the grecian'' you decide,,?!

the grecian''
hate it or love it,,
finished in 1952 for earl wilson ,not long after the famous hirohata merc ,the grecian was conciderd the country's most heavily kustomized ride at that time,,
it gained alot of coverage in magazines over the years and is documented almost every step for tech articles,,
it soon got it's reputation as barris's most ugly kustom ever built,,
especially after it's reincarnation's of what looks like a butterfly,,
ugly paint and silly wings on the back didn't help out ,what could be conciderd the most influential and important 4-door kustom ever built,,
cause you all got to remember the time it was built in,,
not to mention the amount of bodywork,,
sectioned , chopped ,pancaked ,scooped ,channeled are just a few things done to this now rusting away legendary kustom,,
currently in private collection ,sitting as the last picture in pink shows,, (note the rust on the chrome parts)
hopefully it will get saved one day,,

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