woensdag 12 januari 2011

''the creature'' part 2!!

started flakin the chevy's roof last weekend,,
used a bigger flake than normal to get a more sparklin effect,,
here's how it's done!!

first pulled of the window trim (gently)
also marked the spot where an additional trimpiece will come on the rear pillar,,

then i layed down a blanket to get a visual on how it's sort of gonna look like,,
also taped of the trim and glass,,

sanded it flat with a 400 grid dry paper,,

pulled of the tape , cleaned up the roof and taped the car for sprayin.

sprayin the silver basecoat before flakin,,

layed down the flakes!!
let it sit for a couple o minutes and hit it with some clear!!

after i sprayed a couple of layers clear on it i let it dry and then removed all of the tapin,,
gettin there!!

just need to sand it down and start tapin and sprayin,,
till next time,,

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