woensdag 22 juni 2011

''the cut up van''

here's an interesting project by a good friend of mine lenny gruver
it's a 1968 chevy van that's undergoing some serious transformations!!
this is the amount of work done so far

it started out as a 68 chevy van ,clean and simple ,until lenny picked up the angle grinder,,

my buddy J-bird did a sketch of it

after that the cuttin began!!

they don't call it the cut-up van for nothin ,theres some serious work done to it!!
here you can see it being sectioned in an angle,,

and also the top being chopped

takes a skilled eye to get this baby back together again,,

that's how much it dropped at the front

notice the angled cut line,,

kinda placed my pics in the wrong order , but here's the body back together ,while in the next pic it's still raised up with the cut out piece gapin inbetween,,

notice the gap of the section

doesn't this thing look sweet!?!?

they don't make vans like this no mo!!

work on the front end ,also notice the headlight area cut open and fitted with a lasercut grille,,

some sheets welded on,,

the man himself workin on it,,

makes me shiver,, all i can say,,

lenny and his van,, how in the hell is that goin to fit?!!? haha

lenny probably makin an allnighter here haha

last piece of progress ,BONDO!!
the van is gettin better and better every step of the way and i'm really excited to see what the finished result will look like ,it's already killer!!
big inspiration on my truck that's for sure,,
we are gonna follow this build and let you know of it's updates asap
keep up the good work lenny!!

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