maandag 27 juni 2011

perry's pinstripe reunion 2011

first off , let me thank everyone for takin part in this event
you all made this day!!
sorry for those who couldn't come ,we had an invite only for this show.
not to be cocky or anything ,but we didn't wanna go overboard on the show ,knowing this is the first one.
but we had a taste and now we are hungry for more!!!
so keep youre eyes peeled for next years show and hope to see you then at the stripers reunion 2012!!

i'm gonna post some pics once in a while to look back on it.
the main goal of the reunion was kustom art and the artists themselfs ,gettin to know each other and have a great time.
since cars are pieces of art too ,we also had ourself a carshow!!

startin the day of hangin up artwork and catch up on old times.
left to right: myself ,milan ,mighty mat ,lucky 8 pinstriping

two european pro's goin at it!!
left to right: sven sels aka senone and the guy that taught me pinstriping lucky lenn

frank ''incastienen'' live!!

chris ''lucky 8'' doin his thing

milan artworks ,great cutout pieces!!

sven bijsters contribution to the show ,pics don't do it justice!!

paul reijnders and jacco aka royal jack (background) stripin!!

one of my favourites ,alain aka ''mystical'' makin one crazy ass panel!!

ruben ooms takin care of sven's bug!!

lucky lenn leavin some lines on the reunion panel

paul puttin a 100% focus in his guitar

stay tuned for more pics of the stripers reunion 2011!!

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