maandag 5 augustus 2013

Pics of my trip to Ohio 2013

When i'm not hangin around with Jbird i'm probably with my buddy Sam who i've met last time and became a good friend also!
We went over to his friend one day (i'm so bad with names) who has a little bodyshop and was currently workin on this 65 impala which was just about ready to get painted.
As nice as the guy was he showed me the shop and all the projects and cars, and after that took me and sam along with his old lady for a drive in his bagged 74 buick
the 65 impala
 this is the guys own project, hard to vision but i think it'll be one radical sob when done!!
the body to go on the chassis, think he was going to make somekinda wooden bed behind it..

 The Buick, had a nice cruise in this one scrapin the asphalt


 old cut up body layin around, not sure what make it is..

  think this is a Chevy, all primed and ready for wetsandin

 not sure where that belongs to, but it looked kool all flaked

 Back at the shopowners place he had a few projects layin around

After that sam and i went to his place and i started lettering his doors with the same design i put on his dads truck 3 years ago, just a little bit different

What do you do if you live out back? burn the trash!!
We burned some old tires for shits and giggles too

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