zaterdag 3 augustus 2013

Random pics of my trip in Ohio

During my first week Jbird had to stripe and letter a custom truck at a shop.
Forgot the name of the shop but it was runned by 2 brothers doin technical work but also bodywork..
This 57 pontiac just came in for some engine work

 This truck Jbird had to letter and stripe front and back
It didn't take him long, 1 hour and it was done!

This willy's was a project by the shopowners almost ready for action

After that we swinged by my buddy sam which i hadn't seen since my last visit.
He now works at a auto supply shop, his truck was parked out front. 

Nice Chevy i spotted across the street

The next day we headed out to the Tattoo shop where Jbird works nowadays as a tattoo artist.
The shop is called Blackheart tattoo in Youngstown ohio, This is also where Jbirds van was parked at, as well the owner Lance his van.

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